Live Sound Engineering

May 2, 2017

DG Contact in cooperation with Soulsound organises a 3-day Seminar with Jon Burton, FOH engineer of The Prodigy

Main goal: Three day long seminar covering the planning and preparation needed for a live music concert/show up to and including the sound-check prior to the performance, in relation to the role of a sound engineer. The seminar will cover the theoretical and practical parts of subjects.

Learning outcomes for this seminar: During this seminar you will gain core knowledge in several inter-related subjects that need to be applied to the task:
• Understanding the engineer role
• Understanding the needs of the artist
• Technical Rider
• Factors of Microphone and Equipment Choice
• Advancing the Show
• Sound Reinforcement system
• System Check
• Line Check
• Artist Relations
• Time Domain Problems
• Reinforcing the sound in the venue
• Infra Sub - operating levels

Certificate: A completion certificate will be given to the participants on sufficient test results.

The seats are limited. For registration please click the following link: and fill the form 

Participation fee: 40, 000 AMD, the deadline is May 1st included. For details please call: 093 411830 or 093 330772.