Gary Kesayan Jazz Quartet

A graduate of the Yerevan Conservatory, composer and keyboardist Gary Kesayan, one of the first in Armenia began playing jazz, but in the most congested times even organized one of the first jazz club in Yerevan, which lasted a surprisingly long time. There, in the evening, along with his partners, he himself had played jazz standards and even then tried to create their own works. In the 90s of XX century., Like many in those years, he left the country and went to America. There he succeeded – he just lived the music, loved jazz, even in prosperous America can not please everyone. He succeeded.

Gary Kesayan wrote the music, made arrangements, recording albums and giving concerts. The first Yerevan International Jazz Festival in 1998 was the occasion of his return to his homeland after a long hiatus. At the same time, in America, his first album – “For You”. In 2000 he wrote the soundtrack to film – “Symphony of Silence”.

Currently, the musician is quite active, creative life – a lot of acts, organizes a series of concerts, one of which has already become traditional (“Christmas Jazz Nights”), which invites you, as their American partners, and local musicians. Kesayana favorite instrument is the classic cult instrument Hammond B3 electric organ, which he speaks perfect. Despite the fact that the music he writes and performs is apparently characteristic of the classic prog-jazz, funk and rhythm and blues, however, it is easy to discern its essence and soul of the Armenian.

Los Angeles Times

Gary Kesayan’s music is a new step in jazz. He uses new harmonic solutions, novelle forms and innovative methods of improvisational phraseology. His music accompanies the listener to beauty, and its freshness is forever. These works bring spiritual satisfaction and emotional balance, challenging the greatest creations of his time. Such compositions as “For You” and “Silence” are provocative and brilliant pure and subtle. They are about everlasting love and their explicit message is leading to eternity. Gary Kesayan Quartet is an exquisite blend of acclaimed misicians. Garner Thomas and Richard Taylor are top quality masters of American Jazz. Gary Kesayan himself was nominated as “Best Jazz Musicia of the Year in USA 1998.”

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