The Bambir

Let’s name it “a rock quartet… with folkish twist… and with the concentration of a dervish in the highlands of Armenia…..”. …

The Bambir (created in 1992) is one the most famous and professional rock quartet in Armenia playing progressive rock music with folkish twist. The group became twice (2003 and 2004) the winner at the Armenian National Music Awards in the category of Best Rock Band, has successfully and proudly presented Armenia in some foreign countries.

The Bambir has an astonishing scene presence, talented and charismatic musicians, interesting and attractive songs’ repertoire, the very style of its own. They create and sing also in english. Even when they sing in English, the source of inspiration remains Armenian, that music comes from ancient times and Armenian traditional musical heritage.

For more then 10 years The Bambir has been creating its own, outstanding music and style, performing in different regional stages (USA, Georgia, Lebanon, Armenia, Poland, Russia), participating to festivals.

The Bambir is also a true representative of the Caucasus, “In Between”, conn ecting East and West. The Band outstands with an inimitable and exceptional style with its music and lyrics.

“He was brought up with east on his mind

With west on his heart, but could use none”.

The Bambir is one of these exceptional groups that have rich history and strong roots representing and continuing proudly and originally the work of the old Bambir, which means 30 years of creative history behind.

“We are often inspired by 13th century mystics, poets, and musicians known to the English speaking world simply as Rumi. Their philosophy helps on the way of investigating and revealing ourselves, the deepness and secrets of our inside”, – says the band members.

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