DG CONTACT team loves creating singular calendars, which are distinguished by their ideas, styles and artistic approaches. Mostly they contain important messages depending on the subject, client and audience requirements.

The Insurance calendar was created in 2007 with humour taking into consideration life’s funny and memorable situations… Armenian Proverb Calendar is based on Armenian famous proverbs and is in three languages. The Calendars are realised with love by our talented artists, the creator Mikael Vatinyan (Illustrator, movie director and actor), Ivana Krcadinac (painter, illustrator, graphic designer) and SUSO /Susanna Arakelyan/ (visual artist, graphic designer).

You can order yours for 2019. If you have an interesting idea we can propose solutions, if you don’t have an idea, we can create one for you based on your preferences and wishes (graphic, photos, illustration).