Gary Kesayan Jazz Quartet

December 6, 2014

The art director of the band is the famous jazz musician, pianist, composer Gary Késayan, who was recognized the best USA jazz musician back in 1998 and is currently based in Armenia. “Gary Késayan Jazz Quartet” is an Armenian-American jazz virtuoso group known by the Armenian, American and international public.

The other members of the group include famous LA based American jazz musicians like Elaine Gibbs (Voice), Garner Thomas (saxophone), Richard Taylor (bottom) and Gregory Brown (drums).

The band will be performing primarily the works and songs of Gary Késayan. The concert programme will include Gary’s new creations. A few famous songs like “Apricot tree”, “Dance around Ararat” and “Shining Stars” (dedicated to the memory of children who died during the Armenian Genocide) will also be included in the programme. For more information visit